Freshly Baked Doughnuts

McLaren Doughnuts

Freshly Baked Doughnuts

McLaren Doughnuts

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Mclaren Doughnuts

McLaren’s Doughnut selection

Brownies from Heaven

We would say this statement is figurative, but we have actual proof that these brownies are from heaven. Just don’t tell anyone or they’ll all want some!

Mix 'em up

Dark chocolate brownie tray and 2 frosted cinnamon buns. Classy and Sticky – Yum !

Sugar rush to the head

McLarens finest cinnamon buns with a cream cheese frosting and a light dusting of cinnamon.  oh my!

Sticky Toffee Tastic

We don’t have the sticky toffee pudding version on sale here, but the web guy wants some so he put them in trying to force our hand.  Please don’t order these, it will only encourage him

McLaren Classic Selection

At McLaren Fine Foods we are always putting together the very best ideas to tickle your taste buds. Can’t make up your mind? go for the classic selection.

Send as a treat

Freshly made daily, we package up your doughnut selection and it is couriered to you for next day delivery. Our packaging ensures your doughnuts arrive fresh and ready to be savoured, scoffed or snaffled!

"Best Doughnuts in the world - No question."

"McLarens Doughnuts and Brownies are heaven on a stick."

"My Sex life has improved immesurably scince I began ordering McLarens Doughnuts"

McLaren Doughnuts